Friday, January 9, 2015

Nicholas Sparks Splits with Wife of 25 Years

It looks like the love story is over for Nicholas Sparks and his wife of 25 years. The author’s wife, Catherine, has officially purchased a 1.1 million dollar mansion down the street from the couple’s North Carolina home, which makes sense since they have five children together.

It is believed that many of Sparks’ famous plot lines were based on aspects of his relationship with Catherine – so what does this mean for the future of his writing? Will he continue to pump out charming, romantic novels now that his own love story has fallen apart? And if so, will his future projects come across as insincere since he was unable to make his own marriage work?

Not surprisingly, many fans (including me) were shocked by this recent news. How could a man who gave us some of the most romantic stories of the past few decades, including The Notebook, Dear John and A Walk to Remember, end up separated from the woman who inspired many of these stories?

I can’t help but wonder why Sparks’ didn’t take a helpful cue from one of his bestselling novels in order to save his marriage. He could have proved his love by taking Catherine on a boat ride through a pond of swans, or by lifting her up and kissing her in the middle of a torrential downpour. Or perhaps he could have climbed to the top of a Ferris wheel and professed his love for her that way. The possibilities could have been endless. But I guess in real life things don’t always work that way.

Sparks has written 17 romantic novels and nine of them have gone on to become hit movies – so it makes sense that audiences have become emotionally connected to his stories. Sparks may not have his storybook ending anymore, but that shouldn’t take anything away from the work he has done and will continue to do. There’s a difference between fantasy and reality – Sparks’ characters will continue to live happily ever after even though he and Catherine won’t. 

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